I'm Married! Now What Do I Do With My Wedding Dress?- Our Top Tips on What to do with your Wedding Dress after the Wedding.

By Arlet Bridal

Congratulations, You’re Married! You have this beautiful wedding dress (Hopefully from Arlet Bridal) taking up some precious closet space. You don’t want to leave it hanging in their for too long, so now the next step is what to do with your dress after the wedding.

Whether you are a sentimental bride and want to keep it to cherish forever or would love to pass it along for someone else to use, we have a few great options on what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding.

For The Sentimental Bride

  • Have your wedding dress preserved.

    • Having your wedding dress preserved is a great way to hold on to that special moment forever, while also keeping it protected from the elements. You never know, maybe your daughter will want to wear it one day! Plus, they can customize the preservation box with your name and wedding date. We work with a fantastic local company in Corona that preserves wedding dresses. The Gown Preservation Specialists can be reached by calling 877.792.8121 or on their website www.gownpreservationspecialists.com

  • Take Pieces of Fabric from your wedding dress and have them turned in to something else.

    • One day I was scrolling through Instagram and stumbled across what I think is the cutest idea! A bride took pieces of her wedding dress and had it turned in to a Barbie Doll dress and clothes for her future daughter. I love this idea because you will always have a mini replica of your wedding dress. She used the extra pieces to make christening clothes and bed sheet sets for her future daughters room. This was just so sweet to me and a great way to always get to cherish your wedding dress in a new way. I have even heard of brides using it to make a Christmas Tree Skirt for their first Christmas as a married couple! Any way you choose to turn your wedding gown in to something new is going to be so creative and special for you and your family.

  • Use it in a photoshoot for your newborn baby.

    • This idea has become way more popular in recent years. Brides are saving their wedding dresses and photographing their baby girls in their wedding dresses. This picture is going to be priceless and she will love it when she is getting married one day. (Honestly there were so many cute photos of this I could have put at least 50)

Donate Your Wedding Dress To A Worthy Cause

  • Giving your wedding dress to a charity that will use it for good is a great thing to do with your wedding dress after the wedding. There are so many great charities out their but we listed some of our favorites here.

    • NICU Helping Hands- NICU Helping Hands is a non-profit that has The Angel Gown Program. When you donate your wedding dress to them, they will turn your gown in to a final photo gown or burial outfit for an angel baby. NICU Helping Hands supports local families as well, working with hospitals in Riverside, Loma Linda, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Berkeley. For more information on NICU Helping Hands, visit their website here.

    • Brides Across America- Brides Across America is a non-profit organization that donates weddings to military and first responders. To date, Brides Across America had donated over 24,000 wedding dresses and 22 completely free weddings to our military and first responders. For more information, or to donate your wedding gown, visit www.bridesacrossamerica.com/giving/give-a-dress

Trash The Dress!

  • I’m sure you’ve seen the trash the dress pictures all over Pinterest. That’s another really popular trend in post wedding culture. This idea can be super fun and make even more gorgeous pictures. Take a swim in the ocean, climb a waterfall, or let your kids go crazy and create a whole new masterpiece!

These are just a few of our ideas on what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding. If you have an idea or want to share your experience, let us know!